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Strathcona County 
Summer Hockey League

Rules and Regulations



Registration and waiver forms

  • All players and team officials participating in games shall sign the hockey waiver and registration form prior to their first game to be approved to take part in the league.
  • It is the responsibility of the team rep to ensure that all players on the team sign the league waiver and registration form. Failure to do so will result in the team rep being suspended for one game.
  • A player must produce valid picture identification within 24 hours if requested by a league official.  Failure to do so will result in that player being declared ineligible.

Team rosters

  • Teams can only dress 17 players per game (including a goaltender).  Any additional players must be designated as spares, and may only play in the event of a player leaving the game due to injury (not due to expulsion by officials)
  • All players must be 16 or older.
  • A minimum of one goaltender per team and five skaters per team are required for a game to commence and finish.
  • If a team has an insufficient number of players at any time or fails to show, the game is forfeited and a fine of $100 will be assigned.  The other team will be awarded a 3-0 win.  Ice time can then be used as practice by both teams.
  • Each registered player must be assigned a number that will be registered as theirs for the entire season and playoffs.
  • All players must be registered on a game roster.  Rosters must be handed into the timekeeper prior to each game.
  • Each player must play five games to qualify for playoffs.  A goalie must play three.
  • Any registered player on a team roster may spare or play on other teams in the league subject to league approval.


  • A team must wear hockey jerseys of the same colour, markings and with permanently adhered numbers to the jersey. Taped-on numbers are not acceptable. Teams must have team jerseys no later than June 1, otherwise league approval is required.
  • Jerseys must cover the elbow pad. Players not complying with the regulation will be asked to leave the game to rectify the problem.
  • When jerseys are similar in colour, pinnies will be assigned by the timekeeper to the away team.
  • Away team captain is responsible for adjusting the jersey number on the game sheet with the pinnies supplied. Team captain is responsible for returning all pinnies before the team leaves the ice. A team will be issued a $20 fine for each pinnie lost.

Protective Equipment

  • Full hockey equipment and CSA approved helmets are mandatory.  
  • Facial visors, mouth guards, shoulder pads and neck protectors are highly recommended.  Any player under the age of 18 must wear a full face shield (CSA approved).
  • Mouth guards are not mandatory but if a player is using one he must wear in properly in his mouth at all times during play otherwise an ineligible player penalty may be called. (2 minute minor)
  • Goaltenders must wear CSA approved helmet and face and protection at the back of the head. The new modern cats eye mask will be allowed only on a new style CSA approved helmet.
  • Players not complying with equipment regulations will be asked to rectify the situation or leave the game. A minor penalty will be assessed for any mandatory equipment not being worn.

Violations of improper equipment rules will result as follows:

  • Pregame: Dressing room to correct
  • Midgame: 2 Minute delay of game penalty and game ejection
  • All equipment must be CSA approved. If not the above applies.

Game Format 

Maximum game time including warm-up is 75 minutes.

  • Warm-up  4 minutes
  • 1st period  20 minutes running time
  • 2nd period 20 minutes running time
  • 3rd period 15 minutes running time, 5 minutes stop time - see exception below
  • Exception: If a team is leading by three or more goals, there will be no stop time as long as the lead is maintained and the third period will be 20 minutes of continuous. Example - 4-2 is stop time and 5-2 is run time.
  • Game time will stop on all penalty shots and will re-start upon completion of the shot.
  • It will be the discretion of the referees as to whether the clock is momentarily stopped due to injury or other delay (ice problems, rule explanations, etc.)
  • If a game is tied after regulation time, each team will be awarded one point and then a shootout will follow to award a second point for the winning team. The shootout will feature three players from each team. If a winner has not been decided after the first three players, then each team will select an additional player to shoot until there is a winner. After the first three shooters, any shooter (including one that has already shot) can attempt. There are no restrictions on how many times one player can attempt (after the first three shooters).

General Playing Rules

  • All games are non-contact, full slapshot.
  • Offsides and Icing:
    • The red line will not be used when considering two line passes.  It will only be used as a location to begin play to start a period or following a goal.
    • Automatic icing will be in effect.  The determining line for an icing call will be a teams defensive blue line.  An icing call will be waived off if a goaltender leaves his crease to play the puck.
    • Delayed offside rule will be used.  All players must clear the zone or be in contact with the blue line for the delay call to be cancelled.
    • All faceoffs will be on the eight dots as per Alberta amateur rules. The centre dot is only used for faceoffs after a goal, penalty shot and the start of a period.
    • We will not be using the NHL rule of having the penalized team starting the penalty kill in their own end.
  • Line changes:
    • Change of players will be allowed at any time; except while short handed, when changes must be done on the fly.  This rule does not apply during stop time portions of the game.  Changes may also occur at stoppages after a goal by either team or after another penalty has been called.
    • Violation of this rule could result in delay of game penalty called by referee.
  • One 30-second timeout per team per game is allowed.

Goaltender Rules

  • If a team's goaltender is not present at the beginning of the game, that team will be assessed a delay of game penalty upon commencement of the game.  If a team's goaltender is not present on the ice and ready to play at 10 minutes of game time (not including warm-up time) that team forfeits the game, and the opposing team will be awarded a 3-0 victory.
  • If through ejection/suspension/injury, a goaltender is unable to complete the game, the team has the following options:
    • Borrow a goaltender from another team.  Play will continue with 6 skaters until the goaltender is prepared.
    • Dress a player in goaltender equipment.  Play will continue with 6 skaters until the goaltender is prepared.
    • Continue the game with 6 skaters. If the goal differential reaches five goals (ex. 6-1), the game will end at that point.
    • Forfeit the game.  All that team's goals will be nullified, but all other statistics will be maintained.

Regular season schedule

  • Teams will play 14 regular season games.
  • Teams will be designated into various divisions based on skill (including previous s finish) during Round One play.
  • At the end of round one, teams will be re-designated into set divisions for Round Two play.
  • Division sizes will be based on total number of teams and ability levels.
  • Games will be played primarily weekday evenings (Mondays to Thursdays) between 6:30pm and 10:00pm. Some weekend evening games are also scheduled.
  • Tiebreakers: The following tiebreakers will be used if teams are tied in points at the end of the regular season:
    • Most Wins
    • Goal Differential (goals for minus goals against)
    • Head to Head Match-ups
    • Fewest Goals Allowed
    • Fewest Penalty Minutes
Division Re-alignment Formula  
When teams are moved up or down divisions the following formulas will be used to calculate points awarded to moved teams.
Moving up:Multiply point total by .7 and round.
Moving down: Multiply by 1.3 and round.
  • 6 points - moving up: 4 points in new division.
  • 4 points - moving up: 3 points in new division
  • 2 points - moving down: 3 points in new division.
  • 1 point - moving down: 1 point in new division.
  • 0 points - moving down: 0 points in new division.


  • Playoff structure will vary based on the total number of teams and the sizes of the divisions.  Game format will remain the same.
  • If there is a tie in a playoff game, a five minute sudden victory overtime period will be played. If the game still results in a tie, there will be a three-player shootout.  After the first three shooters, any shooter (including one that has already shot) can attempt. There are no restrictions on how many times one player can attempt (after the first three shooters). 
Penalties, suspensions and misconducts
  • Hockey Canada rules will apply in addition to the following Strathcona County Adult Summer Hockey League rules.
  • Minor penalties: 3 minutes (running time) or 2 minutes (stop time)
  • Major penalties: 7 minutes (running time) or 5 minutes (stop time)
  • Penalty length will be determined at the time the penalty is called, regardless of when it ends.
  • Double minor penalties are two penalties, not one. There are NO four minute penalties in the rule book. If a player is assessed a double minor, that counts as two penalties towards the game ejection rule.NOTE: if a player is assessed 3 minor penalties at the same stoppage (e,g,: a double minor check to the head and an unsportsmanlike minor) then a game ejection will occur and all three penalties must be served by ONE substitute player.
  • Any player who receives 3 penalties during a game will be assessed a game ejection - no fine assigned. NOTE: double minor is considered two penalties
  • During coincidental penalties, teams play at full strength.
  • Game misconduct in final 10 minutes is a $20 fine + one-game suspension

Head Contact/ High Sticking/ Contact from Behind:

Checking/Sticks to the head: (as per Hockey Canada rule book for minor and female hockey; not Junior) a two minute minor will be assessed for accidental head contact. A double minor will be assessed for non-accidental head contact including incidents after the whistle. A major/GM or a match penalty could also be accessed based on the degree of force used.

Checking from behind penalties ALWAYS include a Game Misconduct. A minor or major or match will be called based on the degree of violence, whether an injury results and the victim's ability to protect themselves. Note: a check for behind into the goal net is an automatic MATCH penalty. 

Major penalties (including fighting majors)

  • 1st offence: $20 and game ejection + one game suspension
  • 2nd offence: $40 and game ejection + two game suspension
  • 3rd offence: League expulsion
  • A 10-minute misconduct in the final 10 minutes of a game: $10 fine + one game suspension

Gross misconduct:

  • 1st offence: $50 fine + 5-7 game suspension
  • 2nd offence: league expulsion

Match penalty:

  • 1st offence: $50 fine + 5-7 game suspension
  • 2nd offence: league expulsion
  • Fines will be collected through the $100 bond posted.  If the bond runs below $51, the team will top the bond back to $100 prior to the next scheduled game.


A game ejection will be assessed whenever a player takes a third penalty in a game. A substitute will be required to serve the penalty.
  A game ejection may be called on any player at any time during the game if, in the opinion of the referee, that player is behaving in a way that possess a potential hazard to other players or a referee.  Note: there is no timed penalty to be served for this call.


Players who are suspended with a gross or match penalty on one team who also play on another team in the league will not be eligible to play any games on any team until the suspension is served in full with the team that they received the suspension. 


Verbal abuse of an official: 2 minute unsportsmanlike conduct + game ejection, with optional suspension based on severity.

Penalty Maximums:

Over the course of a season a player may register up to 40 minutes in penalties in the regular season and placement games.  Exceeding this amount will result in a one game suspension and $20 fine. Exceeding 50 minutes in penalties will result in playoff ineligibility.

Teams may achieve up to 150 minutes in total penalties over the course of the regular season and placement games.  Exceeding 150 minutes in penalties results in a $40 fine.  Exceeding 175 Minutes in penalties results in an additional $40 fine.

Minor penalties in game are three minutes due to run time, however, these penalties are counted as 2 minutes towards the maximums listed above. Double minors are clocked at 6 minutes, but count as 4. Majors and Misconducts will count as distributed towards the totals.  Game ejections do not enter into this consideration. 

Chewing tobacco and alcohol:

  • 1st offence: Game ejection and $100 fine
  • 2nd offence: League expulsion

The Team Representative has the responsibility to review the boxscore, pay fines and suspend players as necessary. All fines must be paid prior to the next scheduled game.  A team with an outstanding fine will not be allowed onto the arena ice surface until payment has been received.  Unpaid fines will be result in a game being declared forfeit with an additional assigned penalty of $50.

Referee responsibilities

  • Referees should be aware of all SCSHL rules along with all Hockey Canada rules, which they will enforce.
  • Report all incidents of player misconduct to hockey league coordinator. All reports of misconduct shall be fully investigated by the Disciplinary Committee.
  • In the case of a dispute of player's eligibility, the referee may require the player or players in question to provide ID.
  • Assist timekeeper with the enforcement of fine payments to ensure they are made in accordance with the rules and regulations of the league. This includes the enforcement that players or teams with outstanding payments will not be allowed onto the arena ice surface until payment has been received in full prior to the start of the game.

Timekeeper responsibilities

  • The timekeeper shall abide by all SSHL rules along with all Hockey Canada rules under the headings: game sheets; general playing rules; game format; and penalties.
  • Ensure that all game sheets and sign-in sheets are completed including all time information, referees and timekeeper names.
  • Hand out pinnies when needed and ensure all pinnies are returned at the end of the game.
  • Report to referees any ineligible players and any uniform and equipment that does not follow league regulations.
  • Complete fine/suspension memos and submit to teams with their copy of the game sheet. A second copy of the fine/suspension memo must be submitted to the hockey league coordinator with the game sheet.

Dressing Rooms

  • All teams are responsible for leaving the dressing room in an agreeable condition.  Most notably, all beverage containers must be removed from the dressing room (not left in the garbage container) and placed in an appropriate off-site recycling receptacle.  Failure to do so may result in a team fine charged for additional janitorial services rendered.
  • Chewing tobacco and alcohol is prohibited in the dressing rooms, on the bench, and on the ice surface. 

Ice Floods

  • During a hockey night, arena operators will flood the ice every second period. During this time, all players are required to remain off the ice until the operators have completed their duties and have left the ice.
  • A between period ice flood may be waved off if both teams are in agreement and the operators feel the ice is in an acceptable and appropriate condition.

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