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2017 League Sponsors
Posted By: Jari
Monday, May 01, 2017

We are happy to announce league sponsorships with Average Joe's Sports Bar, Smytty's Edge, and Baseline Panago for the 2017 season.
Each sponsor is providing the following for teams and league participants:
Average Joe's Sports Bar
Each player will receive their own player's card to use at Average Joe's Sports Bar that entitles them to the following:
  • $5 team perogies
  • $5 off any 15" pizza
  • 10% off regular priced menu items
Cards will be valid at Average Joe's throughout the Strathcona Summer Hockey League season until September 1, 2017, and must be displayed at time of purchase.
In addition, championship teams from each division will receive a $200 gift certificate to Average Joe's Sports Bar.
Smytty's Edge
Smytty's Edge, located at Millennium Place, will be providing a discounted flat rate of $5 per sharpening. Each player will receive a 2017 Smytty's Edge sticker to go on the bottom of one of their skates.
Notice for players: When bringing skates in for sharpening, let them know you are in the league, and show the sticker on your skate for the flat rate.
Baseline Panago
Over the course of the season, each team will receive pizza brought to their dressing room after one of their games courtesy of Baseline Panago. Notice will be provided to team coordinators the week they will be receiving their pizza.
Thanks to Average Joe's Sports Bar, Smytty's Edge, and Baseline Panago for supporting the Strathcona Summer Hockey League.
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